Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Dating vs. House Hunting

    Last summer I was honoured to be involved in the wedding of some very good friends of mine. It was a privilege to be a part of that important step in their lives. Now these same friends have recently given me the privilege to be a part of a  another big step in life. Buying their first home. (They currently rent an apartment). This got me thinking. It occurred to me that dating/marriage is very much like buying a home.
   How? Well, lets have a look. In both cases, sometimes you have to look at A LOT of duds before you find the right one. Sometimes it only takes one. And sometimes, if it's taking a while, you might wonder about one you let go. (Until you do find the right one of course, then there's no going back!)
   In both cases,  I don't think you can ever find the PERFECT one. You just need to find the RIGHT one. The one where the imperfections can be worked around, and even, sometimes, fallen in love with. The one where 99% of the time it feels like it's perfect, and you make the rest work. That becomes part of the joy.
   In both cases you'll probably want to change a few things pretty quickly, but then you settle in, get going, and forget about that, and just enjoy the experience. Or maybe you get in, try your hardest to make the change, and find out it wasn't worth it, and even change it back.
   In both cases, there is a real adjustment period, as you get used to the new situation. And sometimes that means a bump or two along the way. But you know you found the right one when working through those bumps makes things better, makes you fall in love all over again, and they become funny stories to tell later.
   In both cases there will be days where you can't stand the other. Where you just don't even want to be close to them. But then there will be days where you just don't want to be apart, don't want to be away, because it's just right.
   And, finally, for now, (though I'm sure I could go on and on about this!) in both cases, when you've been with the right one for a long time, and things are comfortable, there may be (brief!) moments you think about the ones you let go, or the others that may be out there. But then you think about everything you've been through together over the years, and just how much it means to you, and
you fall in love all over again!
  Ok, so that last point is likely much more true about people than homes, but it can happen! So, while I likely can't help you find the right spouse, I would be more than happy to help you find the right house! The one you can fall in love with. Call me any time! (204) 990-3467, or email, lukevberg@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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