Thursday, 26 January 2017

Another Happy Buyer!

    I love working with first time home buyers. Don't get me wrong here, I love all types of clients. Buyers, sellers, people doing both at the same time. But first time buyers hold a special place for me.
    This was proven to me again with Jenna Lutz. When we first met to get things started, I think she walked away a little overwhelmed by everything presented to her. But we dove in, and as we worked, she learned. And in no time at all, she was used to the process, and we were rolling along. We viewed a number of homes that seemed, at first, to fit, but just weren't right. While Jenna was a little disappointed, we used this experience to learn a few things, made some adjustments, and dove right back in.
   Soon after making the changes, we found one she really liked. But there was an offer date, so we expected some competition. By the time offers were presented, there were more than just a few. Needless to say, we lost by a fair bit. But Jenna did the right thing, and didn't get caught up in it, went with her offer, and stuck with it. Once again, some disappointment, but Jenna handled it very well, and got right back out there.
   After a pretty quiet stretch during the Christmas holidays, I came across a listing that was just a little bit above our target budget, but thought there might be some room to negotiate, so I sent it over to Jenna. She decided it was worth a look, knowing the risks of looking over budget. Turns out this one was as close to perfect as we could get! It was even better than the one we lost before. We immediately put an offer on paper. Unfortunately, before we had a chance to have our offer presented, someone else jumped on it as well. Once again, competition. And once again, we lost. This time it hurt even more. We were really hopeful. But, again, Jenna handled it like a pro. Out we went again! That same week, we found another one that was close. Not as good, of course, but decent. Jenna decided to take some time to consider it before jumping on it. Turns out that was a VERY good decision!! Remember that perfect house? Well, the deal that beat us started falling apart. I got the call from the other agent on a Saturday afternoon. I jumped on the phone with Jenna immediately. Obviously she was excited! I went straight to her place, we re-wrote the same offer as previously, and away we went!! Needless to say, Jenna is thrilled, and so am I!
     So, why do I love first timers like Jenna? Because there are few feelings quite like helping someone find their first home, and seeing that look of sheer joy mixed with just a little bit of shock and fear.
  So, thank you, Jenna, for allowing me the privilege, and honour of helping with this next stage of your life, I'm sure you'll be thrilled with your home for many years!

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