Thursday, 2 March 2017

It's All About the Image

Let me start off by saying I would LOVE some feedback on this post.
   I've recently been reading a fascinating book called The Millionaire Next Door. At risk of oversimplifying it, the basic premise is that there is a difference between actually BEING wealthy, and just LOOKING rich.
  It speaks a lot about how society today is geared toward looking rich to the rest of the world, even if it's at the expense of actual, long term wealth planning. Buy the big car and the big house now, even if you don't have any retirement savings, versus living well below your means, but having a much higher overall net-worth. It even lays out ways and plans that you can become a millionaire, even if you make a relatively low income.
   While I've the whole book to be very enlightening and thought provoking, one item struck me personally, as a professional for whom my public image matters. They talked about how certain jobs an industries lend themselves to the high-consumption style of living due to the fact that there seems to be this societal idea that unless they LOOK rich, these people must not be good at their jobs. As an example, they talked a lot about lawyers. How they often are expected to drive the high end cars, and wear expensive, tailored suits, and if they don't, they must not be good lawyers.
   It struck me that the same can happen in real estate. And this is where I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic. If you called two Realtors to interview, and one showed up in a fancy, tailored suit, and driving a brand new, top of the line Mercedes, and the other showed up wearing nice, professional (but off the rack!) dress clothes, and driving a few years old say Chevy Impala, which one would you be more likely to hire, BEFORE you talk to them?
   Does the one in the fancy clothes and car tell you that they are obviously very good at what they do, and so you NEED to hire them? Or are you maybe put off, or even intimidated, by that, and think maybe "they don't need me, they'll just be looking down on me".
   Or does the one looking a little more "middle class" tell you that they maybe haven't "made it" yet, and aren't ready to do what you need, or do you feel that maybe "this is a real person, like me, that can relate to me and my needs"?
  Now, I imagine people's responses to this may well be different, based on where they are on the "income scale" and stage of life. But I want to hear from everyone and anyone, no judgement, just dialogue and discussion! (And even value tips for me to help hone my image!)
   Thanks in advance everyone! And, as ever, if you, or anyone you know, has real estate needs, please feel free to call or email any time! 204-990-3457,

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