Friday, 2 June 2017

Cornel and Hannah

Cornel and Hannah recently closed the deal on their first home. All things considered, we really didn't spend all that much time shopping to find the right one. And it really is the right one! It's a lovely home, in the perfect neighbourhood for them!
  But that doesn't mean their story is a short one. Cornel and Hannah first approached me almost a year ago. They were about to get married, and were hoping to start their new life together in their own home. After we sat down and looked at the numbers, and what they were hoping to get, unfortunately the timing just wasn't going to work out. They made the decision to rent for a couple of years or so, get their life moving, and go from there.
   Then, much to my surprise, almost exactly a year later they called me again and said they really didn't want to be renters anymore, could we meet again and see how things look now? Of course I said yes, I do love working with first time buyers!
   After our (second) initial chat, I got them set up with an excellent mortgage broker, and they found out the picture looked pretty good! They took another month or so to get a few financial things in place, while also watching the market a bit. Very soon, after some excellent work and planning on their part, we hit the streets in earnest to find that home, and get them out of their apartment before they needed to sign a new lease.
   After some interesting experiences with showings (their very first showing ever was in a tenant occupied home, that we expected would be empty, only to find a very grumpy tenant still in the house!!), and a few duds, we found what we thought could be the right one. It was even an easy walk to the local Dairy Queen! A big selling feature! It had been on their list for a bit, and had even gotten past an offer date (no competition!), so we checked it out. It did need a few minor fixes, but nothing a handy guy like Cornel couldn't handle.
   After two looks, and some debate, we pulled the trigger. A bit of negotiation later, and we had an accepted offer! But the story doesn't actually end here. Now we needed to get the financing fully approved. Things were looking great, but then we hit a minor bump. (Through no fault of anyone, just one of those weird things that can happen.) Fortunately Cornel and Hannah made the choice to work with a group of excellent professionals every step of the way, and we got it done.
   I couldn't be happier for the two of them. They can now move forward with the plans they had originally thought would need to be put on hold for a few years. But through some very smart planning on their part, they were able to make it happen. It was real joy for me to be a part of it.
  It was a pleasure working with Cornel and Hannah, they were the best kind of clients a Realtor could ask for, and I'm very sure they will enjoy their home for many years to come! Congrats you guys!

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